Frequently Asked Questions

How will this book really make a difference in my life?

When you Go to Play Every Day & call it work, you will enjoy and thrive in the most important part of your life. Your work life greatly affects your entire life. Most people spend from 50% to 80% of waking time in work. You can easily translate work happiness and success to your personal and family lives much better than ever before.

Can I really use this book to Go to Play Every Day & call it work?

Absolutely! The practical new work selection process presented in this book has been tested and retested to be very successful for everyone described as possible beneficiaries of personal coaching. You will read about case studies how it worked for others and why. You will be able to easily adapt the process to suit your own specific situation to great success.

Why did Bill write this book?

Bill’s mission is to help more people Go to Play Every Day so they too can call it work, and to help them avoid the misery and pains of working in their wrong positions. Bill has Gone to Play Every Day & called it work during two periods in his life, and enjoyed prosperity and fun because he engaged a personal coach. He also suffered through 17 years of working and personal confusion, frustrations, and financial devastation because he kept selecting the wrong work positions by using the “Trial and Error” method. He wrote this book to help you enjoy his same successes and to help you avoid his unnecessary sufferings.

Who will benefit most from reading this book?

Anyone who wants to take control of their work and personal lives to actually discover and obtain their “Dream Career,” so they too can Go to Play Every Day & call it work, and get well rewarded for doing so, even during bad economic times. This is Bill’s primary targeted audience.

Who else would benefit from reading this book?

Two other groups will also greatly benefit from reading this book:

  1. People who want become real personal coaches to positively affect the lives of their clients. You will discover what your clients will want and feel so you can develop unique and very special personal coaching relationships placing the client at the center of attention as the king or queen in coaching. Then you can then fulfill your part of the wonders of the personal coaching process as the copilot personal coach.
  2. Employers who want to know how to find and hire the best suited people so they can produce the quality results you want much easier, much faster and with much less hassle than anyone else. You will know who and how to hire and place the best employees and best independent contractors into the right positions.

How is Go to Play Every Day & Call It Work different from other books?

You will learn how it feels and what to expect by walking in the shoes of personal coaching clients, like Bill and many others, so you can make much more informative and successful decisions about controlling your work life. Bill writes in plain language as your copilot supporting you. Whereas most other books talk down to you and use fancy language, like “coachspeak” to impress you.

Is this just another instruction book telling me what to do?

No! Bill reveals a host of insider secrets and options you never had before to provide you the knowledge and power to make the right decisions for you. You will gain a clear and deep understanding of how and why the real personal coaching process works so well from YOUR perspective, so you will easily transition into your own ideal income position, to Go to Play Every day and call it work.

Will this book help me if I’m unemployed?

Yes! This book will provide you with a new method to find the right work position for you much easier than anyone else and much faster than ever before. You will be able to get out of the resume game, that has a completion rate of less than 5% and use the method that will put you into the 95% success range.

What if I have a job and cannot afford to lose it?

Reading this book will help you learn how to discover your real ideal income position, and obtain it, very quietly and very confidentially, before you leave your present position.

Why have so many people struggled to find their right work position?

Because they used the “Trial and Error” and sometimes the “Please Others” work selection processes that virtually guaranteed that they would be placed in mismatched work positions.

How will this book help me get the best work position for me?

Bill introduces the new work selection process that virtually guarantees that anyone who uses it right will actually obtain his or her ideal income position. With your ideal income position, you will truly Go to Play Every Day and get to call it work.

How does this new work selection process compare to others?

Bill describes in detail the many differences and few similarities between the new work selection process, personal coaching, and the other two work selection processes people have been using for centuries with such little success. They being the “Trial and Error” and “Please Others” processes.

What experience does Bill have with this new work selection process?

Bill used the personal coaching process twice in his life to easily transition from work frustrations and misery to full enjoyment and prosperity. In fact, Bill wrote this book while he went to Play Every Day while others thought he was working. You will read about how he converted his working troubles into getting his ideal income positions through personal coaching twice, once at age 24, and the second time at age 56.

Is this book a sales gimmick to hire Bill as my coach?

No! Bill ceased coaching anyone in 2001. The focus of the book is the new work selection process called personal coaching. This book educates you about the true personal coaching process so you can engage the right coach for you from any source.

Isn’t personal coaching just some touchy feely fad?

The true personal coaching process is a very fundamentally sound and extremely effective method to actually “Go to Play Every Day to call it work.” In fact personal coaching is based upon physics. When used right, it works extremely well.

Yeah, but how do you explain the many different types of coaches?

Unfortunately, many people call themselves coaches who are not providing coaching. There are dog coaches, TV coaches, food coaches, dating coaches, and the list goes on. By reading this book you will discover the real coaching process from your point of view, so you can weed through the faux coaches to find a real personal coach.

How did personal coaching get started?

Thomas Leonard was the driving force behind creating the personal coaching process. He tried to unravel the mystery of himself by using the other nine major human improvement processes and failed miserably. So in about 1991 he created the personal coaching process to fulfill that void for himself and created a remarkable gift to us all.

How does personal coaching compare to consulting, therapy and the like?

Bill compares the personal coaching process to the other nine major human improvement processes, and more importantly the major differences and why personal coaching works so well, when done right.