About the Author

Bill DueeaseBill Dueease has led a remarkable life and is still improving on it.

After attending three elementary schools and four high schools due to movement by his parents, their untimely deaths and transfers from several homes he finally entered the University of Alabama as a probationary student due to poor grades and his checkered schooling. Yet, he graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and as commissioned Lieutenant in the US Army. He also attained a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University (OSU) as a paid graduate assistant in lieu of the scholarships he turned down from approximately 6 other schools. Bill received his first personal coaching upon graduation from OSU where he obtained his first ideal income position at Phillips Petroleum Company, so he could go to play every day. This incredible experience is described in his book.

He began the training program at Phillips in 1968, but was soon called into active duty into the Army. Bill was stationed in Germany and eventually became the personal inspector and fix it representative for Major General Ralph Foster during his last year of duty, where he was responsible for converting Army units into productive and effective military operations. Bill returned to Phillips in November of 1970 and successfully wrangled his way into working for the bosses and in the division that was perfect for Bill. Bill spent four years working in the Supply division where he was trained and given valuable front line experience in trading three of the four major categories of petroleum. He bought, sold, distributed, and traded Liquid Petroleum Gas, (LPG’s) refined products, (Motor fuel and distillates) and crude oil and other refinery feedstocks. Bill had a blast and was given the education, the support and the opportunity to become a very good trader, and one of the few who was very effective and well known in all three categories at the same time.

He left Phillips in 1975 after turning down approximately 25 offers from other companies to create a very powerful position in a small start up petroleum company called LaJet Inc. Bill designed his position at Lajet specifically to suit him so he could continue living in Houston, and it involved having total control over the purchases, sales, exchanges, and distribution of all petroleum for this company, so he could extend his ideal career by using all of the connections and knowledge he gained at Phillips. Bill enjoyed a very wild, very exciting, very prosperous, and very powerful ride at Lajet, as he expanded the company from a 900 barrel per day to over 42,000 barrels per day refining company and he personally generated over $120 Million dollars in pre-tax profits and managed the group that generated another $60 Million in profits. Bill was having the time of his life.

Bill was fired in August of 1980. This did not slow Bill down. Instead he immediately formed his own petroleum trading company, Aspen Energy Inc. and continued his many successes, only now he kept all of the profits and did not have to answer to any more egotistically insecure and chemically dependent bosses. Bill enjoyed three more years of this same career he created through coaching in 1970, until the ideal career he had been enjoying was taken away from him in 1983. The rules for petroleum distribution, buying, selling and trading were changed overnight.

The trust, connections, experience, and knowledge Bill had gained since 1970 were no longer important or recognized within the new world order. Bill and virtually all of his many hundreds of compatriots in the petroleum industry were discarded and replaced. They were like major league baseball players who came to the park one day to find that open anarchy and street fighting with guns and gangs was now the game of the day. They were all lost and confused. Bill tried this game for a short time but got out quickly. In 1983 Bill also completed a long three-year divorce that ended with a realistic separation of assets and custody arrangements with his two daughters that was fair to all parties.

Bill found himself looking for his new career. At first, he got lucky. He married his wife Chris in 1984 and they had two great children, Will and Michele. He also converted his passion and experiences as an avid snow skier to become a co-founder and investor in a start up ski field in New Zealand called Cardrona in 1981. He thoroughly enjoyed his position, and was able to go skiing in New Zealand every August for three weeks as part of his partnership role for 7 years, while continuing to enjoy skiing in Snowmass Colorado from December through April from his personally designed dream ski house. In 1988, Bill and his Kiwi partner, John Lee were featured in a 30 minute television PBS film made for the New Zealand Government, depicting the story of how an American (Bill) and a New Zealand Sheep farmer (John) worked together to convert a mountain that had been previously used to graze sheep into the most popular and profitable ski area in New Zealand and Australia combined. The film was shown on U.S., New Zealand, and Australian television. Bill and his partners took the company public in 1987 and sold out completely in 1989.

Otherwise, Bill made a host of very troubling and disastrous work selection choices. He created a bloated staff at his new business that drained his resources and misguided him. He listened to the advice of his accountant partner and purchased an office products company in Fort Myers that eventually demanded he uproot his family and move to Fort Myers in 1989 to take over and run it to protect his investment. This move began a troubling and painful 6 years as Bill struggled to run a corrupted business. He was not only out of his element, he disliked what he was doing, he was not very good and the small office products companies became the targets of the super stores. Bill made virtually every mistake business owners could make and felt he even invented some that others had missed. He also had to sell his dream home in Snowmass and curtail his skiing.

He managed to re invent his business to close his 9 retail stores to create the first nationwide next day delivery office products business called The Office Outfitters in the US in 1993. He sold it in 1995. The overwhelming debts and mistakes Bill had made during the past 12 years forced him to spend several years on the defensive to reduce these debts and protect what little he had left. He bounced around from a host of different work positions because he kept using the “Trial and Error” work selection process. Eventually he backed into becoming what he thought was a business coach in 1999. Although his 25 business clients greatly benefited from Bill’s “coaching” he did not.

In 2000 he reached another low point and chose to hire his own coach to help him take control of his life. Even though he was strongly connected within the coaching industry, having been in charge of membership development of the International Coaching Federation, (ICF) it took him 6 months and 28 coaches before he chose Thom Politico as his coach, because Thom was the first and only coach who asked Bill for his coachable goal before he would begin coaching. Through coaching with Thom, Bill rediscovered his five core ingredients and created his new ideal income position as the cofounder of The Coach Connection, (TCC) which he started in June of 2001. This remarkable exercise of working with Thom is described in the book. Bill turned his life around and once again was able to go to play every day and get to call it work, just like he had from 1968 through 1983. In the process he also discovered his passion for writing and tennis.

Over 96.5 % of TCC’s approximately 1,900 clients have achieved their remarkable life and career goals, and most accomplished even more once coaching started. Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Female Entrepreneur, The Brazen Careerist and The AMEX Platinum Card Newsletter have described TCC to their readers. The Dr. Phil Show used The Coach Connection to match one of Dr. Phil’s clients with her ideal coach. Dr. Phil personally interviewed TCC’s client to reveal her coaching successes with The Coach Connection on his November 23, 2004 show.

Bill was featured in on the front page of the Fort Myers News Press describing how business owners benefit from coaching. Bill speaks on a variety of coaching topics. Some of his presentations include speaking for the Financial Planners Association Annual Conference in Boston, The Santa Clara County Executive Group, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and several special workshops for women business owners provided by the Make Mine A Million woman’s business owner support group. Bill’s educational articles on career, business and life coaching, and business solutions have been published throughout the US and Canada, by over 100 Magazines and periodicals. Bill, an advocate for coaching, has also been interviewed on 35 radio and TV programs about coaching, including the BBC.

Bill began writing his book in about 2002 to fulfill his passion to help others and chronicle his paths to success from the depths of despair, without any expectation to publish it. He just enjoyed writing it and has rewritten it approximately 12 times. But, eventually hundreds of TCC clients and most of the TCC Member Coaches kept imploring that he publish the book, because of the story he had to tell. With the help of his coach, Mary Beth Shewan, he eliminated his self-imposed obstacles to publishing and completed this goal on March 31, 2010.

Will and Michele are both attending The University of Florida on full scholastic scholarships. Bill plays tennis at least 4 times a week and has been enjoying going to play every day to call it work since 2001. Bill’s wife, Chris, who has been an unbelievable supporter throughout his many difficult years has been working in the administration office of Fort Myers High School for a number of years. Bill has also been recently asked to be a founding board member of the Lorenzo White Foundation to help Lorenzo White, a former NFL running back of 8 years provide scholarships to less privileged boys from the 6th through 12 grades to attend football camps run by Lorenzo and his team of former NFL players to develop their football skills and work ethic.