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“Go To Play Every Day & call it work”

by Bill Dueease – President, The Coach Connection

“Go To Play Every Day and call it work” is a book that Bill wrote to describe how he transitioned to play every day twice and how you can too.

I wrote this book for fun and for me to record my 2 remarkable journeys from confusion, frustration, and hard knocks to discovering, creating and landing in my ideal income positions. Both journeys were very different, and my 2 ideal income positions are also poles apart. Yet, in both cases I ended up having a blast, earning a good living, improving my health and my relationships with myself and others.

There was one very important denominator in both transitions. I was coached by my own Life Coach . They helped me discover myself and create my personally designed ideal income positions on my terms and better yet actually slide into both positions with ease.

The first time I was coached was right out of college at age 24 in 1968, but I did not know I was being coached. I was just lucky. The second time was at age 56 in 2000 after trying 27 coaches in 6 months, only to get lucky again, to finally connect with my ideal coach. Thom Politico.

I had no intention of sharing my stories with anyone, let alone publishing them. I just woke up early some mornings and just typed. I stopped when I felt like it. No goals, No, deadlines, No readers. Later on my Coach May Beth Shewan, uncovered my hidden desire to be published and share my stories, so with great effort, I found a way to publish this e-book. Got a ranking on Amazon, and let them do the selling.

The Underlying Message of the Book

More importantly my personal transitions inspired me to design, start and operate The Coach Connection, LLC so we could help others make the same life improving transitions through life coaching like I did. If someone as messed up as I was could be helped so well through coaching, then you can too!

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    Confucius was partly right

    Confucius was right when he said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But Confucius did not offer an instruction manual HOW people could get the jobs they loved. People were left to using the Trial and Error method of chance, hoping they would randomly fall into the job they loved. Bill’s book entitled: “Go to Play Every Day & call it work.” provides the new work selection process called Life Coaching that virtually guarantees that readers will discover and obtain the work positions they love and excel at performing so they will get well rewarded for never having to work another day in their lives

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